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  • Testing your DMA board from enigma-x1.com

    - Turn off your Main-PC
    - Plug-in your board into your Main-PC
    - Connect the USB-C cable with the Data Port on Enigma-x1 with your 2nd PC
    - Start your Main-PC and boot into BIOS
        - Make sure the red/orange PWR-LED and the green/blue LED is on
    - Disable/Adjust the following Settings:
        Disable Virtualization (INTEL)
        Disable VT-d

        Disable Virtualization (AMD)
        Disable IQMMU (AMD CBS > NBIO Common Options > NB Configuration > IOMMU)

        Disable NX-Bit (Only if available, CPU Settings Secure Virtual Machine)

        Disable Secure Boot (If the option is greyed out -> clear all keys)

        If needed set PCI Slot of Enigma-x1 from Auto to Gen1 (Advanced > PCI Settings)

    - Save your BIOS settings and boot your Main-PC into Windows

    - Boot your 2nd PC into Windows
        - You should see "FTDI FT601 USB 3.0 Bridge Device" at Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers of 2nd PC

    - To test your Enigma-x1 just run the test.bat and/or speedtest in the Enigma-x1 folder
        - The output for test.bat should be DEVICE: FPGA: Enigma X1 PCIe gen2 x1 [250,10,500] [v4.10,0300] [ASYNC,NORM] followed by numbers and letters.
        - To run the Speedtest use  \Enigma-x1\dma\TestFiles\dump.bat. The output for speedtest should be "Dumping Memory" followed by a speedtest

    - The testing was completed successfully.




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